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In fact, the developers of KRAKEN have provided all sorts of useful chips that make the buying process easy and enjoyable. The service has a convenient and clear interface – there are no unnecessary and distracting graphics.

So, what is KRAKEN?

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of products created to meet the needs of people from all over the world. However, some of them cannot be simply bought at a store near your home or ordered from an online store. To meet the needs of consumers, the KRAMP Onion trading platform was created, which houses stores offering prohibited goods.

KRAMP.CC mirrors

Ever since Kraken became one of the most popular Darknet sites, cases of its blocking have become more frequent. Such precedents are usually temporary, but they cause users a lot of inconvenience. To combat these inconveniences, the creators of kramp cc have developed a system of mirror sites that can be used regardless of whether the main resource is currently available or not.

Mirrors are a complete copy of the main site located on a different domain. They are not inferior in functionality to the original resource – the user can also log into his personal account, manage his bitcoin account and make purchases of goods. Being on the site mirror, you will not notice any differences, except for another domain name at the top of the page. Some mirrors smugpw5lwmfslc7gnmof7ssodmk5y5ftibvktjidvvefuwwhsyqb2wad.onion , osli77ygq5myyquqzc2sva7wgnjc2m7yozz67k3kkgkrync4puw3cqyd.onion